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    Prices     Below is a list of prices for the  treatments we offer.  We are also a registered supplier of dermalogica products and as such can provide the complete range for purchase.  Simply click the dermalogica link below for a complete product and price list.  We can also supply St. Tropez Body Tanning products, simply click the link below for a product and price list.    
    St. Tropez     Click here for dermalogica Products and prices Click here for St. Tropez Products and prices    
    PhD Waxing System        
    CND Shellac/Vinylux     Each treatment is described in the Treatments section available through the link to the left or by clicking here.

Each title is linked to its respective page which will give you more information on specific treatments.

    HOPI Ear Candles     Massage     CND Shellac Nails        
          Aromatherapy Massage (1 hour) 40.00   Fingers or Toes 25.00      
    Holiday Packages     Swedish Massage (1 hour) 40.00   Removal 10.00      
    Men's Treatments     Back & Neck Massage (30 minutes) 20.00   Removal Pack 5.00      
    Gift Vouchers     Indian Head Massage (30 minutes) 20.00            
    Treatment Room                    
          dermalogica Treatments     Eye Treatments        
    Qualifications &     dermalogica Facial 30.00   Lash & Brow Tint plus wax (patch test req.) 20.00      
    Insurance     dermalogica Body Exfoliation 30.00   Lash & Brow Tint plus shape (patch test req.) 20.00      
          dermalogica Back Exfoliation 20.00   Eyebrow shape only 10.00      
    Links           Eyebrow wax and shape 10.00      
    Contact Details     St. Tropez Body Tanning (1 hr 15 mins) 35.00            
          Hopi Ear Candles (45 minutes) 25.00   Reiki Healing (30 minutes) 20.00      
          Waxing     Men's Treatments        
          Using PhD Waxing System     Back Wax - Using PhD Waxing System from 25.00      
          Full Leg from 25.00   Chest Wax - Using PhD Waxing System from 25.00      
          Half Leg from 15.00   Full Leg Wax - Using PhD Waxing System from 30.00      
          Forearm from 15.00   Arm Wax - Using PhD Waxing System from 20.00      
          Bikini from 10.00   Underarm Wax - Using PhD Waxing System from 10.00      
          Underarms from 10.00   Manicure from 25.00      
          Lip & Chin from 10.00   Pedicure from 30.00      
          Eyebrows from 10.00   St Tropez Body Tanning 35.00      
                Eyebrows from 10.00      
          Holiday Packages     Hand & Foot Treatments        
          All waxing uses the PhD Waxing System


    Manicure Massage & Polish 25.00      
          Package 1: Manicure & Pedicure, Massage & Polish. Full Leg, Bikini, Underarm & Eyebrow Waxing     Manicure Paraffin Wax & Polish 35.00      
          85.00   Pedicure Massage & Polish 25.00      
                Pedicure Paraffin Wax & Polish 35.00      
          Package 2: Full Leg, Bikini, Underarm & Eyebrow Waxing      Nail Reshape & Polish Only 15.00      
          Package 3: Half Leg, Bikini, Underarms & Eyebrow Waxing               

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