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St Tropez Body Tanning Prices

    Prices     Below is a list of prices for the St Tropez products we offer.  We are a registered supplier of St Tropez products and as such can provide the complete range for purchase.   To go back to our full price list click here or the link in the column to the left.    
    St. Tropez        
    PhD Waxing System        
    Bio Sculpture Gel Nails        
    Reiki     Step One     Powder Bronzer 19.00      
    HOPI Ear Candles     Exfoliant/Body Polisher (8oz/240ml) 14.50            
                Powder Brush 7.00      
    Holiday Packages     Step Two              
    Men's Treatments     Body Moisturiser-Accelerator 11.00   Trial Set 1.2.3. (30ml, 60ml, 60ml) 10.50      
    Gift Vouchers                    
    Treatment Room     Step Three     Tanning System 1.2.3. 42.50      
          Auto-Bronzant Lotion (4oz/120ml) 17.00            
    Qualifications &     Auto-Bronzant Lotion (8oz/240ml) 25.00            
    Insurance     Whipped Bronzing Mousse (4oz/120ml) 20.00            
          Whipped Bronzing Mousse (8oz/240ml) 30.00            
    Links     Bronzing Mist Spray (9oz/270ml) 30.00            
    Contact Details                    
          Step Four              
          Waterproof Sunscreen spf15 (8fl.oz/240ml) 16.00            

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