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Gift Vouchers 

    Prices     Gift vouchers are available for purchase for a variety of purposes, either as a present or a reward or just a thank you.

We provide vouchers to any monetary value (in pounds sterling) or for specific treatments.

All vouchers purchased have a 3 month expiry period from the date of issue and must be used within that time or will become null and void.

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    PhD Waxing System        
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    Reiki     There are two types of vouchers available for purchase:    
    HOPI Ear Candles     Monetary Value Vouchers are supplied with a total value.  When the voucher is used the card is amended after each use if the amount used is less than the voucher value.  For example if you had been given a 50.00 voucher and only spent 30.00 on a treatment the voucher would be amended and would show 20 remaining for later use (within the 3 month expiry limit)    
    Holiday Packages        
    Men's Treatments     Treatment Vouchers are supplied with the treatment(s) listed on the voucher.  Monetary values are not listed so that the voucher can be given as a gift with no record of cost.  If you have a voucher with more than one treatment listed it will be amended when each treatment is used.    
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          Treatments, Prices and Purchasing

To view treatments you can buy as vouchers please check our treatments link at the top of the navigation column to the left of the page.  For prices please check the prices link in the same navigation column.  If you wish to purchase individual vouchers for monetary value or treatments please contact us using the contact details link.

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